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Santa Clara holds off USC in double overtime 102-93
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) Freshman Trey Wertz scored 11 of his 28 points in the second overtime, Josip Vrankic had a career-high 22 points and Santa Clara held on after blowing a 19-point lead in regulation, beating Southern California 102-92 on Tuesday night. Click here to read the rest of the story and see more news

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Final Scores for 3/15/2018

MLBX901Houston (-115)12Washington (+135)3Final Lines Box 
MLBX903Detroit (+105)1Atlanta (-125)8Final Lines Box 
MLBX905Toronto (+150)5Boston (-180)7Final Lines Box  (O/U 10)
MLBX907Minnesota (+115)8Tampa Bay (-135)1Final Lines Box 
MLBX909Baltimore (+125)1St Louis (-145)0Final Lines Box 
MLBX911Pittsburgh (+175)5Ny Yankees (-210)9Final Lines Box  (O/U 10)
MLBX913Miami (+155)7Ny Mets (-185)6Final Lines Box 
MLBX915Arizona (+135)3Chi Cubs (-160)2Final Lines Box  (O/U 9.5)
MLBX917Cincinnati (+140)10Cleveland (-165)6Final Lines Box  (O/U 11.5)
MLBX919Milwaukee (+105)5Texas (-125)6Final Lines Box  (O/U 11.5)
MLBX921Kansas City (+160)14Los Angeles (-190)8Final Lines Box  (O/U 11)
MLBX923San Francisco (-110)7San Diego (+140)9Final Lines Box  (O/U 10.5)
MLBX925Seattle (+105)6Oakland (-125)2Final Lines Box  (O/U 10.5)
MLBX998Chi White Sox7La Angels2Final Lines Box 
MLBX998La Angels10Colorado8Final Lines Box 
NBA701Toronto (-4)106Indiana (+4)99Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 212.5)
NBA703Charlotte (-5.5)129Atlanta (+5.5)117Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 218.5)
NBA705Philadelphia (-10)118New York (+10)110Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 218)
NBA707Clippers (+11)96Houston (-11)101Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 225)
NBA709Chicago (+2.5)111Memphis (-2.5)110Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 210)
NBA711New Orleans (+4.5)93San Antonio (-4.5)98Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 219.5)
NBA713Phoenix (+13.5)88Utah (-13.5)116Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 214.5)
NBA715Detroit (+8.5)113Denver (-8.5)120Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 214.5)
NBA717Cleveland (+5.5)105Portland (-5.5)113Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 221)
NCAAB719Radford (+23)61Villanova (-23)87Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB721Alabama (+2.5)86Virginia Tech (-2.5)83Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141)
NCAAB723Oklahoma (+1.5)78Rhode Island (-1.5)83Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158)
NCAAB725Iona (+21)67Duke (-21)89Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158.5)
NCAAB727Pennsylvania (+14)60Kansas (-14)76Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 146)
NCAAB729No Carolina St (+3)83Seton Hall (-3)94Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158)
NCAAB731San Diego St (+4.5)65Houston (-4.5)67Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB733Montana (+10)47Michigan (-10)61Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 134)
NCAAB735Loyola Chi (+1.5)64Miami Fla (-1.5)62Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 133.5)
NCAAB737Wright St (+11.5)47Tennessee (-11.5)73Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 130.5)
NCAAB739St Bonaventure (+6)62Florida (-6)77Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143)
NCAAB741Stephen Austin (+11.5)60Texas Tech (-11.5)70Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137)
NCAAB743Davidson (+4.5)73Kentucky (-4.5)78Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB745Buffalo (+8.5)89Arizona (-8.5)68Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158.5)
NCAAB747South Dakota St (+8.5)73Ohio St (-8.5)81Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148)
NCAAB749Nc Greensboro (+12.5)64Gonzaga (-12.5)68Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 136)
NCAAB755La Monroe (+4.5)66Austin Peay (-4.5)80Final Lines Box  (O/U 144.5)
NHL1Columbus (+105)5Philadelphia (-125)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL3Toronto (-150)5Buffalo (+130)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL5Washington (-135)7Islanders (+115)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL7Boston (-115)0Florida (+95)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL9Pittsburgh (-170)5Montreal (+150)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL11Chicago (+160)2Winnipeg (-190)6Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL13Colorado (+145)4St Louis (-165)1Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL15Nashville (-185)3Arizona (+155)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL17Detroit (+205)1Los Angeles (-245)4Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)

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