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Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 10:56:25 AM   
Hawaiian Degenerate


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Most of you know I'm a die-hard Rams fan. Been so since the 70's. Stayed w/ them when that Puttanna moved them to St. Louis. I mention this to make the point that I follow this team very closely.
I want to start my assessment of this game by saying that this year's Rams team has been as confounding....and often times frustrating... a Rams team to follow in the last 40 years. Primarily on defense. They
spent a shit-ton of money on a handful of mercurial, talented (although, not always playing to potential) defenders in the off season. To say they've underperformed is a huge understatement and the source of my frustration
with this team. I'm from the old watch a team w/ talent not playing to their potential for ENTIRE FUCKING SEASON was maddening!!! Yet...…..they find themselves in the SB. LOL! Now, I
want to digress a moment to explain my style of capping. It's 90% feel and 10% statistical analysis (mainly gleaned from the smart folks from this board). I rely on a line to tell the story. In my opinion, and in
most instances, it's Vegas that tells you the story. Yes, they get it wrong sometimes, but I'm of the belief you're not going to make consistent $$ if you're saying to yourself "Wow that line is waaaaaay to low,
or, high, Vegas has got this wrong!" LOL! These guys make a living at this shit, ok? They get it right WAAAAAY more times than they get it wrong. So, it starts there. Now, onto this game. I'm going to make
a case for the Rams. I know the case for the Pats, ok? LOL That shits is obvious! How and the Why the Rams win this game? First, throw out the regular season. Don't burden yourself with how horrible the
Rams defense was September thru December. They under-achieved plain and simple. That, and they didn't have their best corner, Talib. Now, look at what this unit has done in the playoffs....specifically against the run. They shut down 2 of the best backs in the league. How? One
word....Suh. Here's a guy, if he played as hard as he's played the last 2 games, the whole season and his entire career??? Would be, arguably, the greatest interior lineman of his generation....and probably
the dirtiest. LOL!! This guy is the key to what the Rams want to do on defense....not Donald, ok? Donald gets ALL the attention...and rightly so - a generational player. Part of his greatness is, he opens the
door for others on that line. Step in Suh. This monster (and he's a fucking monster), is FINALLY playing to his ability and I believe he'll continue to play at a high level in this game. I truly believe he's the key.
If he and Donald can shut down the Pats run and put some kind of pressure on The GOAT....which hasn't been done in the playoffs yet....they'll have success. It will also help the Rams 2ndry and linebackers
(the weak spot of the team) be better in coverage, which, frankly, they need all the fucking help they can get cuz they suck..except for Talib. LOL So, on the defensive starts and ends w/ Suh. Now to
the offense. The biggest wildcard in this game....on either side of the (WTF is going on with) Gurley. I have no clue. LOL The dude is an MVP candidate...he drops a couple passes in the Saints game
and stands on the goddamn sidelines the rest of the game! Whaaaaa?? To be honest,....the kid hasn't been right since he tweeked his knee in December. Remember, he blew out his ACL in college. That can
fuck some players up psychologically. I think there's something going on there....but! It's not enough for doctors to pull him out....basically, it's in his head. Does he show this week is the $64 question. I think
he does. He's in the goddamn Super Bowl. I expect he will play and be great. Do I know this for sure? Uh, no. LOL But, if he's not out there, focused, running hard and giving his greatest effort of the season,
I'll be shocked. And Goff? There is no confounding player on this Rams team than this kid. He has all the physical tools. He's made some incredible throws this year. And, last week proved, the moment is not
too big for him. He was really good in that game. But.....a big BUT, for me......he's still a kid, when flustered, is a shell of his good self. He's the anti-Mahomes. He has very little skill at making a play from a
collapsing pocket. It just so happens, however, he has one of the best o lines in football to keep him clean. And, they are playing at a super high level in the playoffs. Bottom line, if that line can keep Goff
clean (and that means Gurley and Anderson having success running), the rams will score points. Keep an eye out for the Rams screen game. I think they'll run A LOT of these at the Pats, who have a hard
time defending those types of plays. The Boy Wonder, McVay (and his super hot girlfriend, btw LOL!), what can be said about this kid that already hasn't been said. I, like many Rams fans, were flummoxed
by the hire when he was named HC. "A 30 year old TE coach?? Seriously???" LOL! But this kid is special. And although many think his genius is his 'weird science' type abilities to draw up offensive plays...from
ONE PERSONEL GROUP!!'s the fact that he's made adjustments when teams started to figure out his tendencies. I believe Matt Patricia was the first to figure it out in the Detroit game. He schemed
the Rams perfectly. That lead to Chicago and Philly doing the same. But what happened? He realized it and adjusted to more of a power running style. Getting CJ Anderson helped too. LOL He righted the
ship! This young coach with a, so called, "gimmicky offense" figured it out. He's smart.....he's hardworking...and he doesn't let his ego get in the way. The kid is going to have a long, successful coaching
reign in this league. Finally, let's look at the line for this game and the psychological factors. I'm of the opinion that the SB (and really the playoffs) are not about 'which team has the most talent.'
It comes down to coaching and psychology. The Pats mantra this whole playoffs has been "People think we suck!" Which, honestly, is a crock of bullshit LOL! But if they believe it...that's all that matters.
For the Rams, it's simple...."We shouldn't belong"...."We are illegitimate". I think this is the true narrative for this game...and it's reflected in the spread. John Q public is asking this question, "How can a
team that shouldn't even be here, be less than a field goal underdog to the greatest NFL dynasty of all time!" This is what the public believes. This is why betting totals are nearly 90% in favor of the Pats.
Now, if you know my betting style, you know I'm rarely with John Q. I'm from the vern school. LOL This line is BEGGING you to take the pats, in my opinion. My money is on the Rams.
with a lean to the over. I want to thank all of you on this board for your input. This is the greatest group of folks on the internet. I wish all of you luck this Sunday.


Good coaches win. Great coaches cover.
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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 10:57:07 AM   
Hawaiian Degenerate


Posts: 384
Joined: 1/21/2005
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Oh, and sorry for the fucked up formatting! LOL!


Good coaches win. Great coaches cover.

(in reply to Hawaiian Degenerate)
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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 11:59:00 AM   

Posts: 2749
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From: Pittsburgh, PA....USA
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Hey hey....

Nice write hit on most of the very same points that were bouncing around inside my gourd and by doing so saved me the time of doing a write up, with that being said....GO RAMS!!

Take care and be well my friend



Jim Campbell

(in reply to Hawaiian Degenerate)
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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 12:08:33 PM   


Posts: 4755
Joined: 10/25/1999
From: LV NV
Status: online
  THOROUGH / well said, covered it ALL in detail, especially about Vegas AND Vern, i LIVE here, they RARELY miss a beat,,,,,,,,,, when the 4 teams were still eligible, i made numbers on the 4 possible matchups, and i made PATS-3.5 vs Rams AT LEAST,,,GURLEY?   no, maybe the knee, maybe HIM??? and i think McVey knowzzzziiit, if he gets somethin' outa him EARLY ok, butt i think he rotates RBs, you always go with RECENT performance,,,,and you're ABSOLUTELY right about that D-Line, BUTT ya never said anything about the 'KEY' point I-M-H-O,,,,EACH year i do a  STOOOOOOOOOOOPID bet (actually make several of those each year unfortunately) and that WHOLE 'D' plan has to be about STOPPIN' Brady, keep him off balance at least,,,Cory Littleton izzzzzzz 100-1 to be MVP and i took it for 100 BUX, NO+BUDDY else will bet that, even the dummies,,,Belichik NO dummy, he knows everything about that 'D' that UUU do, he'll be lookin' to keep that D-line offa Brady, leaves the lanes open for Littleton, IF McVey will just S-E-N-D him and NOT worry about those REFS,,,those last 2 champ PATS games, especially that last KC drive, where's the D pressure on Brady??? NADA-NOWHERE and Dee Ford didn't help, great coachin' there Reid,,,  can't handicap EVERYTHING,,Littleton GOTTA show up,,,



Pointspreads are ALL about the HONEYMOON


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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 12:44:58 PM   
life by the drop

Posts: 9882
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From: Hemphill, Texas
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Good Shit HD!!


can't you ban this sumbitch
ain't got a lickolearning
lordy lordy lordy


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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 1:10:34 PM   


Posts: 84
Joined: 2/15/2014
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Great work.. Go Rams . Love that all the money and all the idiots on TV love the Pats .

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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 4:18:03 PM   
Hawaiian Degenerate


Posts: 384
Joined: 1/21/2005
Status: offline
Thanks, braddahs! I appreciate it! You guys are da BEST!

Player, I like your thinking on a flyer on a player like Littleton...or, even Fowler at lesser odds for MVP. Both could make big plays in this game. Shit, Eastern Washington's famous, Samson Ebukam had a hall of fame game against the Chiefs this year that would win 52 outta 52 Super Bowl MVPs! Probably get great odds on him. LOL

Another thing that's not being mentioned much here is 'Son of Bum'. He's had some success with against Bellichick and Co., as you know. If anyone can get a defense ready for a big game, especially figure out a way to get pressure on Brady, it's coach Phillips. Frankly, he's gonna have to do it because Brady WILL pick a part the Rams 2ndry if he's got time.


Good coaches win. Great coaches cover.

(in reply to Fire40)
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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 8:15:21 PM   


Posts: 29372
Joined: 11/20/1999
From: Boston
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Great writeup, HD.

47 yards for Ezekiel Elliot.

46 between Ingraham and Kamara.

That tells me what you said is right on the money re the Ram Playoff Defense.

The Pats O line is healthy and playing great.

The game will be won or lost along the line.

Whichever team runs for the most yards is likely to win.

If the run games are equally effective, my money is on Brady.

Will they be equally effective, or equally ineffective? That's where the game will be won and lost.

Good luck, bud.

(in reply to Hawaiian Degenerate)
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RE: Case for the Rams - 2/1/2019 9:20:19 PM   
Hawaiian Degenerate


Posts: 384
Joined: 1/21/2005
Status: offline
On the nose, M. Running game for both teams are critical. I completely understand the case for the Pats winning this game. The Rams need more to break for them, including turnover battle....and....*ahem....calls to go their way. lol


Good coaches win. Great coaches cover.

(in reply to Michelangelo)
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