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Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/7/2018 1:47:26 PM   

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Let me preface this with the fact of I don't care about politics in any way, yours or mine. So you could feel free to correct or criticize me anyway you like about what I say here.

For some reason I was fixated on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation issue the last couple of weeks. I watched and listened to more of this than I care to admit, lol. I don't want to offend anyone with my views, like I said this isn't political. I'm just kinda wondering if I'm only seeing this from one side, although I think there is only one. So do I have this right ?

Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault from 36 years ago on the cusp of his selection to the supreme court by Dr Ford.

Probably wouldn't have liked the guy in the grand scheme of things being from much different backgrounds and upbringing but I found myself squarely in his court for this shitfest

Accused of being a sexual predator in more than one instance, a liar and a drunk. So are these facts below basically what was going on.  

Dr ford who doesn't remember how she got to a house where this occurred or remember how she got home or remember where the house is but definitely remembers Kavanaugh attacking her and Mark Judge being there. She names 5 people being at this home and everyone of them does not recall this event or say it didn't happen. In the real world where I live that should be the end of things.

Next Kavanaugh appears to defend himself and tells a much different story that amounts to this never happened I wasn't there and I'd never and have never did anything of the kind, once again this should be the end of story right. Not !

Enter the Democrats accusing this guy of being a sloopy ugly drunk who did this and doesn't remember because their account of his drinking history means he probably blacked out and didn't remember things that happened while he was a youngster. Yikes

The democrats who held this info for  months and seeing they're falling behind the eight ball now attack him as being too defiant in his own defense, good lord I would have fuckin flipped if this was happening to me.

What is one to do when accused of being a total wasted drunk through high school and College while attending prestigious institutions.  I know from experience the kind of drunks these guys are talking about aren't student athletes and scholars. A man that goes on to a distinguished career with no blemishes on his resume and a respected man, father, son and friend, corroborated by many refuted by a few

More accusations follow like the broad who says he drugged/spiked punch to facilitate gang rapes which she witnessed 3 or 4 times and was personally gang raped herself, yeah right was she just there waiting for her turn to come up what BS. I could go on  with the many accusations and accusers etc but I'll stop here we all seen this unfold.

Let's not forget that scumbag of a lawyer Avenatti, no reason to leave him out lol although he probably helped out more than anything because of zero credibility problems

So here's what I get out of all this, the democrats are seriously giant assholes willing to ruin a good mans name in front of his wife children parents and friends to achieve their goals. This is not a partisan opinion of any sort because like I said earlier I'm not politically motivated about politics in my country let alone yours although I do think Trump is the best thing that's happened in a long time.

I do know now that I actually hate a number of democratic Senators. I'm disgusted with these metoo protesters and the fact that the democrats actually think people are this stupid to not see through this is beyond belief. Also on my list is the left wing media, just disgusting opinionated retards whose part in fueling this fiasco is nothing short of criminal and lets not forget all the lying pieces of shit involved in this. Don't get me wrong I see how the republicans are playing this chess game as well and all I have to say about that is checkmate.  


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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/7/2018 2:55:17 PM   

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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/7/2018 3:53:17 PM   

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Let me preface this with the fact of I don't care about politics in any
way, yours or mine. So you could feel free to correct or criticize me
anyway you like about what I say here.

Agree, and hopefully that will be true, because most of the discussions here about politics seem to be total black and white, with no respect for the other side.

I don't care much about politics either, but like you became interested in the human interest part, and watched a lot of the hearings.  Kavanaugh seems like a lightweight drinker to me who couldn't handle the sauce, and the crying to get sympathy during the hearings made be lose all respect for him:

Maybe not as big a wienie as Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, who said he would "take a bullet for Trump" and then cut a deal at the first opportunity, but a wienie is his own right.  A lot of these guys are gonna fold like a house of cards when the heat is on, can you imagine Jared Kushner or Donald Jr. on the stand?

And face it, the country is so polarized Kavanaugh could have killed somebody and he still would have been confirmed as long as the Republicans had a majority in the Senate.  None of the senators were interested in what was true or untrue, they just wanted to push the confirmation through.  The same thing would have been true if the Dems had a majority and Kavanaugh was a liberal. 

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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/7/2018 5:25:28 PM   


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From: Austin
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Horse hockey from both sides. But I completely disagree that red ( my team) would of jammed him through if there was one iota of actual evidence to support sexual predator claims. Not because they probably rwally give a shit knowing @ least 50% of rich old powerful white guys (May be 90%) have the done it themselves..

No because they arent that stupid is why. They would have jojned in and castrated him..

But its moot bc he didnt fkin do it. The whole thing was bullshit.

Democrats suck so bad right now and do not represent what makes america great. They haven't since Kennedy.

They suck suck suck and showed it bigly in that whole fubar theater.

#fkblue # MAGA

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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/8/2018 11:46:46 AM   


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Hmm do we have any members in this forum who aren't Old White guys?

Tom... I'll gladly trade you Countries any day of the week.

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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/8/2018 1:28:23 PM   


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From: Austin
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Tiger tiger 🐅.. U gonna trade the us for Canada?

That's just sad. I love all my brothers but man turn off the noise dude.

USA is the envy of the world regardless of what the media and your party tells u.

People will kill to get here. Land of opportunity man. Even drunk ass degenerates like me have become millionaires here.

U have the golden ticket..

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RE: Let me get this Kavanaugh thing right - 10/10/2018 2:24:47 PM   
retired ref


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From: Illinois
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i'm old and i'm white
and its total bullshit from both sides of the aisle

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