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pgcluu -> Browns -3??? (11/6/2019 11:04:59 AM)

very interesting line, Buff is dog vs Brown. Any injury on Buff?

Thomas -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/6/2019 11:30:08 AM)

pg when the advance lines for week 10 came out life by the drop was wondering Cleveland -3 over Buffalo ? Now that line remains for two weeks total so one has to wonder wtf is up with that. Cleveland seems to be a wee bit of a mess at this point and I blame that on coaching because they have a bevy of talent it would seem but just aren't getting it done. To me it just looks too simple here to take the Bills who I think will win this game su, but I've been to this rodeo before, lol. Have to look some things up on this game and see if I can see anything strange. For now I like the Bills !

Riderx -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/6/2019 4:25:32 PM)

  Guys, I know this sounds crazy but don't be surprised if the Browns win in a complete blowout vs. the Bills...[8|]  I'll elaborate when we get closer to game day; still working on some stuff.

Thomas -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/6/2019 5:45:59 PM)

John I figured this game out as an 8 point edge for the Bills using pp/100 (24.5-16.5 on a 4 game rolling avg) so this line makes even less sense to me than before. Sure be interested in what you got because stats aren't bearing this line out at all.

dollars -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/7/2019 1:35:07 PM)

Well if it goes to -4 or more, you know what to do...😉

Riderx -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/7/2019 11:57:51 PM)


   You'll enjoy this one...especially that last part...[:)]

   0-12 s/u & ats

   I started with just some very basic principles, then built from there.  Here it is cleaned up a bit:

   0-10 s/u & ats

   against on Clev-

   That's one I just pulled up; there's more.  But off subject & as a fan of the game itself, I'd like to see the Bills win s/u just because they've been down for so long & are having a good season so far.

   Got some other stuff to go with it which I'll post soon.

Thomas -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/8/2019 8:01:38 AM)

Yeah John I did like that last part, lol. Good stuff and like you as a fan I'd like to see the Bills win, been a long while since the Jim Kelly days where they just couldn't get over the hump but always a great team

I find this part of your query interesting John, ACD and NDIV, this year non div away conf dogs are a healthy 24-11-2 pointing to a Buffalo win ats after we strip out all the other parameters. But historically it has very little meaning at 50% life of database which makes me think that trend will be regressing to the mean now, lol.

Riderx -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/9/2019 12:21:46 AM)

  Geeez...just saw K'Sports play on Buff+...all those trends...[8|]

   One of the many other things I was looking at is Cleve plays Pitt next Thurs; favs of -2 or more before less than 4 days rest in that spot are:

   6-0 s/u & 4-1-1 ats

jerryslowball -> RE: Browns -3??? (11/9/2019 6:27:10 AM)

I just have a hard time not believing in cle. Buff record ,who have they beaten? Head coach definitely the major problem, buff run defense is just awful. Now Cleve should run, run, run forcing secondary of buff to flood off line and Odell goes off late in game. Cleveland hat something like 30 more plays than Denver last week, out gaine total yardage against pats on road, I say go get em cleveland -2 1/2.

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