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Statman02 -> NFL Stadiums (10/17/2017 9:51:14 PM)

You have the LA Rams listed as playing in a dome stadium.........I have watched many games in the LA Memorial Coliseum and I have never seen anything close to a roof or a dome is an open stadium natural surface.......also the Indianapolis Colts are listed as open stadium artifical surface........Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof and most games I see there, it is closed.......this is very irritating and incorrect and throws off most trends concerning these teams. Can you please correct this serious problem especially concerning the LA Rams. I would say that the Colts are closer to a retractable dome than an open satdium.

DIRTYDOG -> RE: NFL Stadiums (11/25/2017 5:28:06 AM)


Hey hey....

The Cowpokes playpen (AT&T Stadium) is also listed incorrectly as they have a Retractable roof with an artificial surface but is listed as being an "Open, Natural Surface".

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