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Hiasdamoon -> Analyzing and ATS (12/16/2010 3:16:12 PM)

Hi there, newer user here.  I am trying to analyze formulas today and everything is coming back 0-0-0 on the O/U and ATS.  I d/l'd the stats from the internet, I dont understand.  Maybe someone can help. I am using Season to Date if that helps. Thanks

Hiasdamoon -> RE: Analyzing and ATS (12/16/2010 4:01:20 PM)

Ok, now I am really confused.  I am a paying subscriber, however I am only getting last years updates.  Nothing from this season has updated.  -help?  thanks

webman -> RE: Analyzing and ATS (12/17/2010 10:22:07 PM)

Click on "Lines and Totals" from the "File" menu and make sure that "Downloaded Lines" is the active lines folder.

If it is not, that will explain why all of the O/U and ATS records are 0-0-0.

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