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JLaHawg -> When to go against the book (11/7/2006 12:06:42 PM)

I was wondering if I could get some people's opinion on how to use bookie information.  I'm often seeing people say that their local bookie has everybody on Team A, so I'm going with Team B.  I can understand that the book wants to take as many bets as they can on the team they think will lose, but how can you tell when that is happening versus the public actually being on the winner?  

farbror -> RE: When to go against the book (11/8/2006 6:57:10 AM)

Well, The Consesus sights gives you some clues to how the public is betting. If the bookies were really good at predicting games they would score a ton of money betting themselves. I think betting against the public teams might give you a slim but solid edge, say, 53-54% winners.

jarhead60 -> RE: When to go against the book (11/10/2006 11:43:56 PM)

twominutewarning.com has a page call "bet tracker" It shows the % of bets on each team in NFL games for some offshore bookies. Last week the team with less bets on it won 10 of 14 games ATS. Its only one week, I don't have a history, but will keep the "bet tracker" for each week for the balance of the season.

JLaHawg -> RE: When to go against the book (11/11/2006 6:49:23 PM)

JarHead  Thanks for the tip....will definitely check that out.

jarhead60 -> RE: When to go against the book (11/14/2006 5:02:45 PM)

In week 10, the team with less picks went 10-6.  But both weeks had lots of dogs winning.

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